TV Media Stand Assembly

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Today's hectic lifestyles mean you can't always find the time or energy to do all the things we'd like to. But why deny yourself and your family and friends the enjoyment of a high-definition TV or multichannel surround sound system just because you don't have time to install the gear?

Let Velocity Telecommunications take the hassle and worry out of installation so you can get straight to the fun.

The TV stand assembly includes:

  • A pre-installation site survey upon the installer's arrival at your home will be completed, and if applicable, any additional charges will be quoted and approved prior to the start of the job.
  • Complete assembly of TV stand, utilizing manufacturer instructions manual. Use of a two-man crew to lift the customer provided TV onto the stand.
  • Clean up clippings, dust, or any other debris caused by the installation.
  • Obtain your satisfaction sign-off on completed work order.




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