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Our Home Structured Wiring Helps Your Home Perform at its Best

Increasingly, internet, data, and computer network reliability in today’s homes is becoming more crucial as the technologies that enhance our lives become more integrated and sophisticated.

That’s why it’s important that your home’s voice and data cabling are designed from the ground up and installed by professionals for optimum performance, reliability and security.

Choosing Velocity Telecommunications to install your home structured wiring is a great investment for many reasons, including:

  • adding instant value to your home and is prized amenity when it comes time for resale;
  • allowing for a centralized area from which all initial cable connections for your home–voice, data, entertainment, security, temperature controls, lighting, home automation and more–may be accessed;
  • making upgrading your home’s future wiring simpler and more affordable;
  • making diagnosing and making repairs to your home’s wiring systems faster and more efficient;
  • allowing for near limitless combinations and integration between multiple home automation and electronic systems;
  • its versatility means you can purchase different components and control systems at different times, in a more cost-effective manner.

Velocity Telecommunications’ team of experts bring their years of experience to every structured home wiring project, ensuring that your home’s systems are not only integrated properly, but also engineered to operate at peak performance. In new construction, we work with your builder to install the wiring before the drywall goes up, ensuring an efficient, seamless performance and look when you move in. Already home? Not a problem. Our home structured wiring professionals can also work within your existing spaces.

Velocity Telecommunications Expert Data Cabling Installers

Our team of experts will take the time to meet with you and come up with the best possible configuration that will meet your home’s specific needs and budget. Our structured cabling services cover everything from networked printers and computers, smart home automation systems, and double play or triple play high speed internet, phone, and cable. We’re committed to ensuring you’re well-trained on how to best use it once we’re done.





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