Bring the Big Screen to your Living Room

We all remember our first movie: The smell of the popcorn that lingered in the air as the lights slowly faded and the curtains drew back to reveal what looked to be the biggest screen in the world. The projector flashed to life and the sound roared from everywhere at once, as our pulses ebbed and flowed in unison with the action on the screen.

For the next two hours, we were transported to worlds that heretofore only existed in our wildest dreams. When it was over, we couldn’t wait to come back for more.

Velocity Telecommunications’ home theater installation services are the missing link between your movie collection and reliving that amazing experience again and again in the comfort of your own home. Nothing generates as much excitement and anticipation as a Home Theater. Our dedicated teams of home theater installers have transformed everything from bonus rooms to entire floors into amazing cinematic experiences.

Custom Home Theater Installation Made Easy For Homeowners

Not sure where to begin? Let our home theater design service do the work for you!

We’ll come to your house and pay careful attention to room dimensions, component selection, acoustic and sound isolation design, and projector, screen, and seating placement to ensure you have the best home theater experience possible.

Years of knowledge allow us to choose the best components for a given budget while placing them in your room and tuning them to your home’s unique acoustics. Our post-installation training ensures you are fully prepared to make the most of your new equipment!

Build the Ultimate Man Cave For Your Sports Nights

Look to us for a full range of services, from the design and engineering of your custom systems, to installation by our own skilled staff. Whatever your home electronics needs, audio/video or automation, and whatever your budget, Velocity Telecommunication is here to assist you.

If you want a Home Theater in a home that you are currently building, or in a lower level that’s unfinished, call us before you begin framing. There are a lot of important things you should address that will greatly improve your sound quality. If you have an existing space that you want to turn into a Home Theater, let one our designers come out to take a look. We’ll give you an honest opinion of what is possible and what to expect.

Gaming Console Setup

Home gaming consoles are becoming more and more complex. From hooking up the system to the internal configuration of setting up accounts, network, and, for the parents, parental controls. By having a Velocity Telecommunications expert setup yours or your kids gaming console, we can help lessen the headaches of trying it yourself.

This will give you some relaxation and peace of mind that the console and the parental controls are setup correctly. That way you and the whole family can focus on some quality time playing games or even watching movies.

Velocity Telecommunications can make sure your new console is set up properly for optimum fun and safety. Our experts will set up the console and any peripherals, perform first time setup and complete all, if any, updates to the system, setup user accounts with parental controls if needed, connect it to your network, and integrate it into your home theater system.

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HDTV + Video Installation

Everything looks better in Crystal Clear, High Definition Television (HDTV)

In a residential environment, Velocity Telecommunications provides creative and professional solutions for all your TV viewing needs. Whether it’s an advanced video modulation and distribution system to multiple locations, or a single in-home theater or HDTV, we have been satisfying customers for years.

With the ever changing technology on the market we pride ourselves on staying current with all of the new TV’s that are available.

Need Advice to determine what TV is best for your needs?

Our experienced staff can suggest to our customers the pros and cons between LCD, LED and Plasma TV’s. We can also help you determine the most suitable size of the TV to best fit your viewing space. There are several popular options to choose from, with the most advanced being Blu-Ray and 3-D. The Velocity Telecommunications team can make certain that you have an enjoyable viewing experience, which you would expect from today’s advanced technology.

  • Advanced video modulation
  • Distribution system to multiple locations
  • Single in-home theater
  • HDTV
  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Man Cave Remodels

Need Wire? We have you covered.

Velocity Telecommunications has also supported a number of residents over the years, with any and all video needs, regardless of the size of the job. If you are looking for a rewire for entire house to a remodel of one room, we are the choice for you.

Select Velocity Telecommunications team for your one stop solution to all of your wiring worries, deadlines, budgets and challenges.

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Speaker Installation

Whether you are watching a movie or listening to music, high quality speakers will enhance your enjoyment.

Velocity Telecommunications can help you select and install the speakers for your home or office that will exceed your sound expectations.

We enjoy working with people who are passionate about “the experience” because we are passionate about the technology required to provide it, especially speakers and complete home sound systems.

Before you go rearranging furniture and tearing down the walls, give us a call. We do this all the time and know how to get the best sound out of your system. We’ll unpack and setup your speakers and give you a demo. We'll even haul-away your old system if you’d like.

For movie buffs, Velocity Telecommunications can install floor speakers, sound bars, in-wall speakers and in-ceiling theater speakers that will provide you with the complete surround-sound experience you crave for your home movie theater. For the music lovers, our complete home audio system installation includes speaker installation in every room of your house, and even the outside deck and patio areas if you desire it. Imagine being able to control the music of every room of your house independently using your iPhone or iPad? With Velocity Telecommunications, all of this is completely possible, and best of all, affordable.

Want to keep it simple?

Sound bars have become very popular today because of the ease of install and custom solutions to match any TV. One sound bar will take the place of 3 speakers and give you great sound in a small package. Velocity Telecommunications can help you find the perfect sound bar for your application.

On a budget?

70v speakers you can build a system that can sound good with minimal costs of bulk wire and amplifiers. Let Velocity Telecommunications design you a system that will work perfectly for your budget and sound expectations.

Live in an apartment?

Floor standing speakers are a great way to add great sound to any room without altering the structure.

In the world of speakers there are a million different products out there, each with a specific application. Velocity Telecommunications can help you narrow it down to find the speaker that is going to work for your specific application.

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