Let Velocity Telecommunication mount your LCD, PLASMA, or home theater system. We have experienced installers who can give you the most out of your purchase. Our professional installers will mount and hook up your new or existing home entertainment system, LCD, LED, or Plasma to a new or existing wall mount bracket or even one above your fireplace.

Bring the Big Screen to your Living Room

We all remember our first movie: The smell of the popcorn that lingered in the air as the lights slowly faded and the curtains drew back to reveal what looked to be the biggest screen in the world. The projector flashed to life and the sound roared from everywhere at once, as our pulses ebbed and flowed in unison with the action on the screen.

Installing Security & Creating Peace of Mind

In this day and age, it takes more than a yard sign and window sticker to get the peace of mind that comes with having the best home security systems available.

Our Home Structured Wiring Helps Your Home Perform at its Best

Increasingly, internet, data, and computer network reliability in today’s homes is becoming more crucial as the technologies that enhance our lives become more integrated and sophisticated.